Is It Legal To Buy Prescription Drugs Online?

The high costs of drugs in the US and the difficulty of purchasing these drugs might make you resort to online purchases. It is great to save your time and money, but you need to check on the safety and security of using these methods. According to The US Food and Administration report, there are a lot of fraudulent online pharmacies that provide prescription drugs at very low prices; in most of the cases, they don’t even require a genuine prescription!

Buy Prescription Drugs Online

These pharmacies engage in selling adulterated and unlicensed medicines, these pharmacies are mostly operated by criminals and may not contain the right ingredients and they would frequently send spams regarding various offerings.

Another con of these sites is that -they would not provide any directions for usage and the strength of dosage might be wrong. If the online agency is not licensed by an equivalent state agency, the legal status of that particular site is questionable!

Now let us get to the legal part of the same issue, Under Federal law, the sale and purchase of drugs and other controlled substances are punishable and illegal. The main common factor you would notice in all these sites is a flag of a foreign country, but in reality, these are nothing less than fraud!

Finding a suitable online seller

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